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Why is it so hard to write in third person omniscient after writing in first person for almost six months straight?  


I’ve scrapped the same piece of writing twice now, all because I can’t get the voice right without being in first person.  


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    Just write and write and write. Fix the typos later. I’d find myself starting a third person then suddenly jumping to...
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    Honey, after writing in third person for so long, I struggle with first now. Happens to all of us. Now that you’ve had a...
  3. elementarydata said: 1. You don’t suck. 2. I can’t write 3rd person either.
  4. the-forgotten-garden said: I’m sure it’s still great :) don’t despair, you’re a fantastic writer!! xx
  5. kanevixen said: either a recharge is needed, or try the thing in first
  6. hummingbirdfables said: :( why can’t you write the piece in first?
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